5 Steps To Get That Shraddha Kapoor’s Look That Can Transform You

When was the last time you wanted to look your best in feminine glory? Perhaps, you could trace your steps back to the last time you hummed the melodic tunes of your favorite love story. One of the most iconic films to rock lovers across the world was none other than Aashiqui 2. Shraddha Kapoor’s

Mom’s Day Off!!!

Where everyone else has a five or a six-day working week a mom has chores to run the entire week. Whether it is Sunday or any other day of the week she has to wake up early, do the laundry, cook the meals and look after the kids. Actually, weekends tend to become the most

Making White Right

      Summers are here and white is definitely the colour of the season. Every Indian woman covets the flawless Chandini look from a Yash Chopra movie. However, sometimes an all white outfit looks a little drab. What maybe missing is a dash of colour and a bit of styling. So only for you, we have these

Summer Fabrics: Fabrics to Fight the Heat

Summers are here and it is hot, humid and extremely sunny. Unlike other countries in India, it is definitely not the time to be outdoors. Alas! We need to step out for work, to run errands and basically to continue living our lives. Being out in the sun is not an easy thing. We are

The Hat Trick!!!!

Summers are the best time to pull out your hats and add that extra dash of chicness to your wardrobe. However, before you place one on your head here is a quick lesson on what, which and how of wearing hats.   Picture courtesy:fotolia.com Cowboy hats The name is quite self-explanatory. Cowboys, with their jeans

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Summers are here and as the mercury rises, some slight adjustments in our wardrobe are essential. Time to say bye- bye to thick synthetic fabrics and bring out the cottons.To help you sort out your wardrobe we have a few suggestions about what you should be wearing in the coming months.   Picture courtesy:fotolia.com  

The Cool Customer

With summers, come sunny days, sultry evenings and hot and humid nights. The same weather gives us all these lovely goodies to beat the heat. It also keeps us cool, makes our body immune and cures many maladies. Therefore, this summer to know a little more about these wonders let us join the cool gang

Colour Holi Green

Holi the name of the festival itself brings a smile on our faces. Colours, pranks and lots of great food together make it the most exciting Indian festival. However, this festival of fun and frolic is increasingly becoming one of the most harmful festivals. The damage to the environment and our bodies because of the

As Good As New

We constantly seem to be struggling to get rid of stubborn stains from our pretty outfits. It is heartbreaking indeed, when your favourite party wear is soiled and despite all your efforts, the stain remains. Therefore, to get that outfit to look shiny and bright again and be absolutely stain free here are some easy

Shaped For What?

 Women are constantly advised to dress as per their body shape but what does it mean. We buy clothes based on fabrics, colours and fashion but do the choices made by us really look great on us? Well each woman is unique and has a beautiful body, which she is born with. However, there are