Revealing clothes – is it really an issue?

Who would think that an irrelevant issue like the amount of cleavage a woman should reveal, would become a hot topic of discussion in the media. It all started after India’s leading newspaper The Times of India published a photo of Deepika Padukone’s cleavage. Alongside they tweeted “OMG: Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show.” Not only is

The Traditional Indian Kurta – One of the most Versatile Ethnic Wear

Facebook, Times of India, Twitter, Yahoo, and TV news channels have all been abuzz with the news of Mr. Narendra Modi visiting the United States. Apart from attracting the interest of the socio-economic pundits for the various reformation announcement made by the Prime Minister, the fashion police have also been keenly following Modi’s visit to

5 of the best Sarees, inspired by Sonam Kapoor’s Khoobsurat Collection

Sonam Kapoor has always been a fashion icon but it was in her latest movie Khoobsurat in which she plays the role of a royal misfit which really got people talking about her splendid designer clothing. In the movie you see a mix of red, yellow, blue hues which are coupled with unique prints. Inspired

#KhoobsuratSelfie: Inspired us to do everything Special and Royal

With the launch of the Exclusive Khoobsurat Collection on our website last week, we decided to have a little contest for our audiences to share their beautiful selfies just like Sonam Kapoor takes in the movie!  The Zohraa selfie contest made most girls and boys chuckle and express them in the way they feel beautiful.

The Royal Khoobsurat Saree Collection – Rediscovering the drapes of royalty

In tow with the release of the movie Khoobsurat, Zohraa offers a very exclusive Royal Khoobsurat collection of majestic sarees. Sarees in multi colour hues and designer work befitting a royal wear. To begin with you could wonder how Sonam Kapoor (dressed in trending city apparels) would be transformed into a royal diva, perfectly in

#KhoobsuratSelfie – A Royal Selfie Contest by Zohraa

“Camera, camera on my phone Click the best selfies of them all…” Encouraging all our selfie lovers to share with us their selfies which made them look absolutely beautiful and stunning at #KhoobsuratSelfie, our Twitter contest scheduled from 18th Sep to 20th Sept 2014 11.55PM, which is now extended to 21st Sept, Sunday 11.55PM. For

Add Sonam Style Khoobsurat Royal Grace to your wardrobe

Charming and vivacious, Sonam Kapoor needs no special introduction.  Recognized as the Fashionista of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor perfectly fits suits the role, a place which was left empty for quite some time. Followed by not only her fans but also fashion designers and critics alike, Sonam Kapoor can be our ‘fashionarati” as we have Twitterati

Learning from Bollywood for Navratri dressing

It’s time for celebration all over India, making women running helter skelter in search of the finest sarees and lenghas money can buy. We all want to look good but it’s during the festival of Navratri that we try extra hard to look our best. Bright, vibrant sarees with shimmering embroidery and zari work makes

Cast the ‘Black’ magic with enchanting Indian wear

For far too long, we have been putting aside the colour black. Some argue it brings a sense of negativity, yet it is black alone that makes every other colour around it stand out so perfectly. Let’s bring the colour black, back with a bang! If you have been in tune with the Lakme Fashion

Indian Sarees make Hollywood Celebrities glam up their style quotient

Sarees of India are definitely masterpieces by themselves.  Full of colour and vivid designs, the nine yard material simply transforms the look of the wearer.  Further, the style of draping the saree and the saree blouse does compliment the look to a greater extent. For a change, you can view top Hollywood celebrities looking very